I came to spirituality the long way round!

Following a period in the Royal Marines, a Sports Science degree and a spell as a Crossfit Coach, I found yoga…or rather yoga found me!!


Yoga brought me some well needed stabiltiy after a rocky 12 months…here’s the highlight reel:

  •  Got divorced
  •  My brother died
  •  I lost contracts and ultimately my job with all the stress
  •  My mum got cancer
  •  I had to rehome my 2 adorable black labradors because I was barely looking after myself (bizarely this was one of the most distressing episodes of all!)
  • My mum died
  • I needed to move home and start again.

I began to think if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have had any luck at all!!

It’s hard to say what skills my experiences of war and loss have given me, but this period of my life changed how I viewed the world.

Every crisis is a spiritual crisis. – Carl Jung

I dove into my yoga practice, completing my teacher training in Texas in 2016.

Around the same time, I sought out the teachings of shamans in Peru and Tuscany and completed formal training (if there is such a thing!) in what we might call ‘energy medicine’.

I further steeped my understanding of working with the human body by undertaking a thai massage course and also becomming a Stretch Therapy teacher.

Presently, I have sought out the directness of a simple country life in nature and it is from here where I to listen to the troubles of others facing their own spiritual awakening.

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