What's up my friends!

When i’m not using phrases like ‘What’s up’, you’ll typically find me gardening or generally out in nature.  I see people who are a little…or sometimes very…overwhelmed by life.  They’ve ended up at a place that doesn’t feel good and they can’t quite figure out why. 

Whilst my solutions are simple, that doesn’t mean easy.  Working with me in your corner will help you figure out why you might be getting in your own way!

We simplify, prioritise and start to get back to feeling like our old selves.  Click the link to find out more… 

About Manos

If you want to learn more about Manos and how he can help you achieve Physical Freedom you’re in the right place!


Most of my work is kinda behind the scenes on FB. I offer movement, meditation and personal practices that keep me grounded & connected

The Squares

I have a magpie mind. I collect ideas like a magpie collects shiny things. You won't find one style or a 'brand' that appeals to the masses. Do I manage to connect the dots? Only time will tell...


I actually always wanted to be a wildlife film maker. Let's see if I can star in my own nature movies!

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