Eagle Landing is my member’s area for those who want to stay connected to me and a like-minded community of people.

We move, breathe and grow together via a closed facebook group. 

Each week, my members join in with;

  1. Mobility Mondays  – I post a Stretch Therapy video live on our facebook group at 6.30pm – you can join in live or catch up later and repeat the sequence as many times as you like.  You can suggest the content for this or I share my own routine for you to join in with.   You can post comments and questions live. 
  2. Mid-week meditations – in recent months I’ve been asked more and more about my personal meditation practise so I share how I’m working in my own meditations with you in either a post or guided video each Wednesday.
  3. Saturday Supplement – weekends I post about what I’ve been reading, researching that week or we go live for a Q&A if there are lots of questions bubbling in the group.

For the same price as a cup of coffee each week you get lifetime membership to the group and it’s content AND

  1. Free access to all the worksheets and content PDFS I produce as part of my other programmes that fit with our ethos of working together.
  2. At least two opportunities to join Pause – my intelligent detox each (usually £50 each)
  3. A movement coach at your finger-tips who replies to anything you post within 24-48 hours!

Who can sign up?

Anyone who has worked with me through my yoga/ stretch workshops and classes, private coaching or Pause programmes.

How much does it cost?

You sign up to £12.50 per month on direct debit or if you live locally you can actually buy me a coffee each week instead!

Can I cancel if I’m going away or it doesn’t serve me anymore?

Of course!

 To sign up just drop me an email; admin@physicalfreedom.co.uk

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