Yoga Lifestyle is about taking your yoga practice off the mat.

And if Instagram is anything to go by, we’re more interested in our handstand progress than we are making heartfelt connections.

What if your yoga practice was simply being kind to yourself?

And have you ever rushed to class in order to de-stress?  Don’t you think that’s putting the cart before the horse?!?!

What if you could speak your truth.  Say what you feel rather than choosing to be polite??

Yoga as a Lifestyle is about connecting with like-minded people.  You know the ones who make you feel alive.  Your tribe.

And remember Yoga is not a brand.

In the wise words of John O’Donohue, don’t confuse beauty with glamour.  Glamour is a bikini, a flat stomach, and a beach.  And it’s seductive…it will real you in!

On the other hand, beauty is seeing patterns in the raindrops falling on your window and realising there is order in the Universe.

To put it another way, you don’t need any more mala beads! ;)

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