Help – I’m in crisis! Why I pre-hab so I don’t have to rehab!

I often say a good diet is ‘simple’ but not ‘easy’ and I think the same could be said about our general wellbeing. 1. Regular exercise (walking is really underestimated) 2. Decent sleep 3. Don’t take the piss with what you put in your pie-hole, 4. Enjoy some quiet time 5. Reach out to friendsContinue reading “Help – I’m in crisis! Why I pre-hab so I don’t have to rehab!”

Why I measure my heart rate each day…

Technically I’m not interested in my heart rate (HR) as such. What I’m interested in is the pattern or variability of my heart rate. This is referred to as Heart Rate Variability (HRV). About a decade or so ago I started using HRV to see when my body was in a good place to trainContinue reading “Why I measure my heart rate each day…”

Why I sleep outdoors…

Ideally, I’d like to spend 1 night per month outdoors. In reality, I take the opportunity whenever I can and it’s probably more like one night each season. I think the first order of ‘why?’ Is because I enjoy it…and my priority is happiness. Second order reasons revolve around circadian rhythms, staying connected to theContinue reading “Why I sleep outdoors…”

Why ‘Eagle Landing’?

Eagle Landing is my NEW membership area on Facebook. Membership is paid by monthly subscriptions and members get weekly meditations, a movement class, live Q&As on all things stretch, yoga and wellbeing and a weekend supplement. EAGLE 🦅 MEDICINE So… Why, ‘Eagle Landing’… Eagles are the archetypes of COURAGE…reminding us we need not accept the status quo.Continue reading “Why ‘Eagle Landing’?”

You’re Only as Old as Your Spine – Chinese maxim

Even as a yoga teacher I can’t hide from the modern world of computers and the many hours of sitting that this encourages.   Bent over a laptop (and steering wheel) year after year was slowly turning me into a prawn!             And it sounds like i’m not alone…according to theContinue reading “You’re Only as Old as Your Spine – Chinese maxim”