Things you’ll hear me talk about include; Healing Cuisine.  Ancestral diets, & wild food.  Dietary Wisdom & Diversity.  Agriculture & Plant Anti-nutrients.

That’s because we live in a world swimming in facts.  And this means you couldn’t read all the dietary research in the world even if it was your full-time job!

So, in this confusing world of endless, and often contradictory, diet advice, it’s helpful to ground your understanding of food & diet in terms of how humans have been eating for most of human history.

But, this doesn’t mean we have to eat like a caveman.

In fact, there isn’t one single ancestral diet and there isn’t one single healing cuisine.

However, knowing how our biology has gotten us this far means we can make better-informed choices based upon how we fit into the biosphere.

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Join me as I talk about the healing cuisine I enjoy and prepare for my family.


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