Turning to Rain Later…

Well…the snow’s been and gone. 

But before it disappeared I managed to get out on my skis for a few hours. 

As far as ‘exercise’ goes, skiing is my first love!

As a result of skiing, I realised that to get better at anything, you have to be prepared to fall.

Even more, not only should you not avoid failure, you should actively go looking for it! Every wipeout was a time I wasn’t afraid to try something new and learn something in the process.

In contrast, I’ll leave you with a few safer things I’ve learned on my journey to ski teacher…

Tromso, Northern Norway https://www.visitnorway.com/places-to-go/northern-norway/tromso/northern-lights/

+ If you want an epic Northern Lightshow (aurora borealis) the coastline of northern Norway will not disappoint! It’s like the whole world turns into some kind of sublime theatre production, with you stood centre stage!

+ If you want wild, remote terrain and don’t mind driving 4hrs for decent coffee the Canadian Rockies is your ticket to backcountry skiing heaven. Bears, wolves, porcupines, mountain lions and lots of very friendly humans who say “Eh?” (like they’re asking a question) at the end of every sentence.

+ But if you want to get really good at skiing and tear around the mountainside like it’s one big theme park (in a good way), the French Alps are hard to beat. Endless ski lifts and you’re never more than 10mins away from a delicious croque monsieur.



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