Forest Bathing: To Forest Bathe or Not to Forest Bathe…

Forest Bathing

Compared to sunbathing, Forest-bathing is the new kid on the block.  It’s already gaining a lot of traction in the UK, as a therapeutic tool.

But we’re in danger of missing the point.  Whilst it’s being sold as a relaxing mindfulness exercise, really it’s a straight-up case of biological survival.

Of course, a walk in the woods is relaxing but why is your body produces more Natural Killer cells?

I’ll tell you why…it’s improving your immune system in response to the essential oils (phytoncides) pumped out by the trees.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick primer on Forrest Bathing.  My previous post was a quick lowdown on sunbathing and my next post I’ll be discussing why I’ve invented my own form of bathing – Winter Bathing.



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