To Bathe or Not to Bathe…


Vitamin D is one of 24 micronutrients critical for human survival.  And Vit D deficiency is pretty common due to low sunlight.  Common enough that the NHS offers Vit D supplements for free – Healthy Start.

All pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children are at risk of vitamin D deficiency (teenagers, younger women and those from ethnic minorities are particularly at risk). – Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition 

Whilst supplements are a good idea, especially in winter, sunlight is the sine qua non for optimal Vitamin D levels.

Sunlight and the NHS

Our larger health institutions (still) err on the side of caution when it comes to soaking up the sun.

The NHS offers blanket advice.  Stay in the shade, in the UK, between 11am-3pm, between March and October.  Clearly written by AI robots who haven’t ventured north!

Sunlight in the UK

The reality is. we live a fair distance from the equator.  Not only that, but we spend most of our time indoors under artificial lighting.

The typical office is between 100 and 300 lux during the daytime.  Compare that to even the gloomiest, most overcast winter’s day, and it is at least 10 times brighter outside.

Suffice to say Vit D is very important to health.  But perhaps even more importantly than Vitamin D, sunlight is playing an even more crucial role…regulating our circadian rhythm.

So, maybe just maybe you’re not deficient, but it’s definitely likely that you’re not getting optimal amounts to thrive.

You might want to look into Vit D supplementation but you definitely want to look into spending more time outside.

In the following posts, I’ll be looking at other ways we can bathe our bodies (hence the peculiar title above?!).

And by bathing, I simply mean, experiencing different atmospheres…Summer, Winter, Nocturnal, Forrest bathing, Sea bathing…the list is endless.

But in the meantime…Go chase the Sun!!



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