Spiritual Pride

Be here now

At the end of one of my yoga classes, I’ll occasionally ask…

“How was that?”

This is what I hear…

  • My hips feel great
  • I feel recharged
  • I could just go to sleep right now!


After a more intense class, people trip over their words and I can tell they’re in that wonderful ‘yoga stoned’ place.

But only once has anyone ever mentioned the ‘S’ word.

“My last yoga class was more Spiritual

I looked blankly back at the lady who had just said those words.

I heard my mind saying…“Oh…I. was. not. expecting. that”.

I wasn’t offended…which was interesting in itself!

Telling your new yoga teacher that your old yoga teacher was more spiritual is much like telling your new Crossfit coach that your old coach could do more burpees and wore his *board shorts better.

There isn’t a whole lot I can do about it.

I’m here.  You’re here.  It doesn’t get anymore Spiritual than that.



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