“What do you want to master…what is your purpose…what makes you, You?”

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I’m really loving this ‘horse’ account on Instagram.

Except it’s not really about horses…to me at least!

It’s the study of nature, and in nature, there is Universal wisdom, wisdom which you could apply to your own life.

This account invites you to leave complexity behind…to simply see what’s in front of you.

Instead of seeing a horse that needs taming…to simply see the horse.

The horse is not a challenge…nor can we give the horse a challenge without first understanding the horse’s motivation.  You see, the horse has it’s own wants, needs, desires and fears.

Often, we treat ourselves like the horse that needs taming…the horse that could be sculpted into something more remarkable…and so we choose a goal (greater peace, relaxation, higher states of consciousness) and go looking for a system (a yoga/meditation etc.) to achieve that goal.

Can you see the ridiculousness of it all?

We have a goal and a system but we don’t have the horse.

Sure…the horse gets dragged along for the ride, and will even give the illusion of progress…the odd trick here…the impressive jump there…but in the end, you have something less than what you started with.



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