Why Stress is a Creep!

The affects of Stress creep up on you…but first let’s talk about running!

When you start running, your legs move fast, but actually it takes a while for the heavy breathing to kick in!


And when you take on a lot of stress (extra responsibilities, dealing with grief, break-ups, unemployment, house move…you name it!), just like at the start of our run, your body shifts gears to deal with the added workload.

And… just like at the start of our run, it isn’t always apparent how hard the body is actualy having to work behind the scenes.

This is why most people dig themselves into a pretty big hole before they realise their stress demands are taking a huge toll.

Interestingly, with exercise, you can measure the hole, or the debt, it’s digging.

It’s refered to as ‘oxygen debt’, and it’s the volume of oxygen needed in order to return to a resting state.  When you’re breathing heavy, even though the exercise has long stopped, you’re paying back that debt (from the start of exercise).

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Stress is the same, but different…if you’ve ever gotten ill on the first day of your holiday your body has decided it’s a good opportunity to pay off some of your ‘stress debt’.

Similarly, it’s why mums (especially new mums) rarely, if ever, get sick until they’re in a safe place to let go.

Whilst there are responsibilities, or jobs to be done, we’re constantly drawing from our reserves…and unable to put money back into the account.

My message would be….try and find the space to stop and be still…then you’ll know how much stress you’re actually under and how much the repayments are going to cost.

Every debt the body encounters needs to be re-paid and stress is an expensive business!



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