My favourite and the very first of all the fermented foods I made…

You will need;

  • Organic cabbage – I like to use a few varieties
  • Salt – Himalayan pink salt
  • Herbs of your choice – I like cumin seeds, fennel and juniper berries
  • Filtered water

What to do…

  • Shred the cabbage either by hand or with a food processor
  • Check the weight
  • You want to ensure your salt and herb mix is the correct amount for your weight of cabbage.  (1-3 tbsp per quart of water) I use this resource.  
  • Pound or scrunch the cabbage until juices start to extract in a bowl with the salt/ herb mix
  • Add to quart jars and leave to ferment for approx 5 days
  • Enjoy for as long as it lasts
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