How to be ‘BULLET-Proof’!


As someone who doesn’t tolerate supermarket milk, I’ve been putting butter in my coffee for years.  It might seem like a radical new thing to do, but the Tibetans have been putting butter in their hot drinks for hundreds of years – yet another traditional forgotten food!

Dave Asprey is credited with the resurgence of this ancient practice by his clever branding and it is now popularly referred to as ”Bullet-Proof’ Coffee.

Growing in popularity and spreading like wildfire due to it’s amazing health benefits and taste, I wanted to share my method and my motivation for drinking this lovely stuff!!  You can read more about the original inventor and his products here. 

So… what is Bullet Proof Coffee – well it’s essentially delicious coffee whizzed up with butter and coconut oil but the science is so much more interesting than that…

But why oh why would we put butter in our coffee and not milk or cream?

Well…it’s a morning kick-start of beautiful coffee, essential fats and actually promotes fat burn and optimises cholesterol levels! (*)

Great news eh?!

Want to have a go for yourself?  Read on…

Brewing delicious FAIR TRADE coffee and tea for 250 years with OVER 50 different types of beans!
My coffee of choice – FAIR TRADE coffee in the North East for over 250 years


You will need…

  • Your favourite morning mug
  • Responsibly sourced Coffee Beans – I like Pumphrey’s Espresso Cremabeans and buy them in bulk from the Blaydon store
  • V60 dripper and filter (or your favourite brewing method)
  • Just boiled filtered water
  • 1 tsp grass fed butter (*)
  • 1 tbsp organic coconut oil
  • Hand held blender

The North East Bullet Proof method…

  • Grind your Pumphrey’s coffee beans fresh
  • Pour your just boiled water through your filter into your mug; for essential mug warming and rinsing of the paper, discard the water after a couple of minutes
  • Add a measure of your ground beans to your filter
  • SLOWLY pour over the water until your mug is full
  • Pour into a bowl and add the butter and coconut oil
  • Whizz up for a good few minutes with a blender or if you’re lucky enough to have one a nutri-bullet or similar
  • Pour into your favourite morning mug
  • ENJOY and step forth into your day in the knowledge you’ve already started in one of the best ways possible…
Be Bulletproof
Be Bulletproof

(*) a caveat to bulletproof coffee…and any individual food really…it needs to be considered in context of the overall diet.  If we’re still eating a typical diet, whacking extra fat on top is not bulletproof!

(*) Only use grass-fed butter like Kerrygold. Butter from grain-fed cows has a completely different fat makeup and it won’t taste anywhere near as smashing!!



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