Fitness Trackers in Yoga?

I’m seeing something i’ve never seen before in my yoga class…

People keep looking at their wrists!? 🤷‍♀️

It’s weird but I get it, fitness wearables such as the ‘Fitbit’ are one of the BIGGEST emerging markets in fitness. People tell me their trackers motivate them to get fit and who am I to disagree.

Of course Yoga isn’t just about fitness and there are many people in a yoga class who are trying to get their shit together physically, mentally & spiritually.

For all I know, checking your Fitbit could be as much an expression of the Divine as any yoga pose, but from a purely physical point of view, these 21st Century devices are a stone-age technology to improve your yoga practice.

Basically if your Fitbit has motivated you to show up…Great! But that means it’s already done it’s job by the time you unfurl your mat! There’s no need to check in with it any more.

Have no fear though because there’s still a gadget you can keep referring to to check your progress. It’s called the Nervous System and it’s been in development for 600million years, give or take a million years or so.

In Forrest Yoga we cue ‘active feet’ and ‘active hands’ and from this image you can see why. The ginormous hands, feet, lips and genitals is a representation of how our brain 🧠 ratios our bodies – from a sensory and motor control point of view. If you want your brain to focus on your body, waking the hands and feet up is a great place to start!

In summary, I’m not anti-technology, but if we’re tracking inputs to produce better outputs, these external wearables have a loooooooooong way to go before they can compete with our internal gadgets. #yoga #fitnesstrackers



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