You’re Only as Old as Your Spine – Chinese maxim

Even as a yoga teacher I can’t hide from the modern world of computers and the many hours of sitting that this encourages.   Bent over a laptop (and steering wheel) year after year was slowly turning me into a prawn!

Time to ‘de=prawn’ ourselves!







And it sounds like i’m not alone…according to the UK’s Health & Safety executive, there were 3,417,000 working days lost to work related back disorders in 2015/16!

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We are, what we repeatedly do!







Yoga…wasn’t helping…not even 200hrs of Teacher Training….it was time to pull out the big guns for Operation De-Prawn!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.06.53
Lovely day out at Alnwick Gardens so why have i got the hump!? Terrible pun, but my curved spine was no joke!

Passive BackBends

Stretching the front line of the body followed by passive back bends and then exploring my new range of movement with a few key exercises  was  key to my spine strengthening journey.  Being supported as you bend backwards isn’t new but  Swiss balls and plastic rings were of no use to me.  I needed something solid…something that wasn’t goint to roll or deform as I lay my full weight onto it.

I’d seen StretchTherapy founder Kit Laughlin use what he calls the ‘Baby Whale’ and with Kit’s permission, I had a local carpenter make me my very own…and it’s been the best investment for my back i’ve ever made!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 21.23.11
The Hedgehog – Looks cute & packs a healing punch!

If you’re based in the UK or Europe and would like to know how to open the front-line of the body and to own your very own beautiful ‘Hedgehog’ please fill in the form.  A £50 deposit is required to confirm your order.



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