Wibble-wobble Jelly On a Plate

(c) Food, the forgotten medicine

Ready for the party of your life?  Let’s get our Jelly and Juice on! 

And unlike our five year old selves, we’re not adding ice cream this time!  You’ll see us adults in the health community reaching for our juice and jelly every day.  (*)

We want our to enjoy our nutrients and supplements efficiently and ideally for them to taste great! 

I like to keep things simple so I wanted to share how we enjoy these wonderful supplements in our home everyday so you can too. 

If you’re juicing, try and stick to a green juice as there’s a tonne of sugar in the fruit packed variety and it really is THE best way to get your greens!  I’ve had clients who have never eaten greens instantly love one of my Green smoothies!  

Also, take a look at how much fruit goes into those ‘saintly‘ shop bought varieties of juice/ smoothie – you just couldn’t physically consume that much fruit in one sitting – there’s a reason for that, neither can your body!  #sugaroverload 

Be a mean green juicing machine!

I use my Nutri-bullet but a hand blender will also work well…

Gorgeous Green Juice Formula 

  • X2 cups of washed greens (spinach or kale are great choices)
  • X1 cup of washed & peeled fruit (mixed or single type depending what you fancy) 
  • X 1 cup of filtered water
  • I either throw in a couple of ice cubes or some of my pre prepped frozen fruit straight from the freezer 
  • Sprinkle of maca powder, flax seeds or chia seeds depending what you feel your body needs today!

Blend, enjoy straight away if you can as the nutrients start to disappear even if left even in the fridge. 

Enjoy Anytime Jelly Shots

We LOVE making jelly.  There are so many brilliant health benefits to using gelatin as a supplement.  

How to do it;

  • 1.5 tbsp Great Lakes gelatin per pint of liquid
  • Boil seasonal fruit like pears, oranges, mangos, apples in filtered water – sieve and retain the water for your jelly (we’re using rhubarb grown in the garden at the moment).
  • Quickly whisk the gelatin into the hot fruity water (you can add some of the fruit back in if you like)
  • Pour into bowls, moulds or ice cube trays
  • Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours until set and enjoy!
Nature's candy!!
Nature’s candy!!

If you needed any more convincing to hunt out those fun jelly moulds and rekindle your relationship with the wobbly goodness…here are some health benefits of gelatin..it’s all about the collagen which;

  • Supports skin, hair and nail growth
  • Is excellent for joints and can help joint recovery after exercise
  • Tightens loose skin and improves appearance including cellulite
  • Improves digestion (it naturally binds to liquid and helps move food more easily though the digestive tract).
  • Is a great source of dietary collagen – this is what’s in your face creams ladies!!
  • Contains specific amino acids which can help build muscle.
Phewf, after all that work there’s just time to collect our goody bag and play sleeping lions! 😉

I’d love you to share your recipes too!  Thanks for reading and have fun!


(*) As I’ve mentioned fruit is VERY high in sugar so be sure to build it into your macro allowance.



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