Why Physical Freedom?

— Physical Freedom —

As I walk past this castle near my home, I’m reminded that the freedom I take for granted today is perhaps like no other time in history.

I’m free to walk, run, or play along this coastline without the thought of armed men approaching – which clearly wasn’t the case when this castle was built.

And even if I wasn’t’ worried about being attacked I’d have been too busy, either ploughing a field or hunting for food, to entertain the notion of leisure.

So… we live in a GOLDEN AGE of beauty and freedom and yet many of us have built our own castles. Internal walls both protecting us from and preventing us from enjoying the outside world.

As someone who had their defences up for a long time, I know which world I’d rather live in!

Who’s ready to knock down their walls, swim the moat and run naked out the beach!!?

Maybe you’re just ready to take a peep from the safety of a castle turret and that’s ok too!

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