Why I measure my heart rate each day…

Technically I’m not interested in my heart rate (HR) as such.

What I’m interested in is the pattern or variability of my heart rate. This is referred to as Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

About a decade or so ago I started using HRV to see when my body was in a good place to train hard or whether it was due a rest.

Prior to that, I was prone to getting every cold going because my immune system was suppressed through over-training. I think runners will testify to getting more than their fair share of colds etc!

Anyway, these days I use it more to track psychophysical aspects as it’s connected to stress, vagal tone and the autonomic nervous state.

Increasing HRV (which is good) is linked to all of the familiar stuff – exercise, good sleep, managing stress, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation etc.

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