Why ‘Eagle Landing’?

Eagle Landing is my NEW membership area on Facebook.

Membership is paid by monthly subscriptions and members get weekly meditations, a movement class, live Q&As on all things stretch, yoga and wellbeing and a weekend supplement.


So… Why, ‘Eagle Landing’…

Eagles are the archetypes of COURAGE…reminding us we need not accept the status quo. That we can become more than we believe we are capable of if we stay connected to our higher sense of self.

🦅 What are your ‘mountain tops’? The things you currently only dare to dream

🦅 What habits or self-limiting beliefs would you let go of if you had Eagle-courage?

🦅 Why is NOW the right time to prepare to soar into unknown realms and new realities?

Are you ready?  Drop me an email and we’ll talk!



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