So you want to try meditation?

You may already have tried meditation? Be curious about it or have a regular practise.

I’d love to know?

For me, the quieting of my thoughts and my body is medicine for my PTSD and allows for deep restorative relaxation. This is not always in the moment or comfortable!

For my partner Claire, she uses meditation to manage any anxiety she is feeling and to seek out her wisdom and intuition.


This week a lady in the sauna said to me “The trouble with this is, it’s nice and hot in here but when you get outside it’s freezing!”

A perfectly reasonable thing to say but the reality was…in that moment, we weren’t outside, our bodies were experiencing invigorating and deeply relaxing heat.

Was she actually thinking about the cold or just passing the time with chat?

If she’d allowed herself to be fully with the heat might she have built up some resolve to face the cold when that time came??

Instead, she was in the hot worrying about the cold and more than likely when she did eventually step outside she spent her time wishing she was hot.

Most of our thoughts don’t hold a lot of water when you break them down and that’s the joy of meditation…you get to examine your thoughts and you don’t necessarily have to agree with them!


What type of meditation exercises would you like to try?  Give me a shout!



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