How did you sleep last night?

How did you sleep last night guys? What’s the quality of your sleep? Could you comment with a 10 if it’s the best sleep of your life to a 0 if it’s pretty much the worst?

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I’m very much a night owl 🦉 and feel most productive in the evenings. With being self employed this kinda works except when I’ve got to do the school run! 

Here are my top 5 tips for restful sleep…

1. Take magnesium – most of us are usually a little magnesium deficient, this wonderful mineral used to be a lot more present in our soil, therefore, our food. I can recommend what I use if you like?

2. No blue light (tv or phone/ screens) at least two hours before bed. If anyone’s interested I can link to some articles here but basically it interferes with our circadian rhythms like nobodies business and puts us in wide awake/ high alert! I use a filter on my phone and tinted glasses to combat this.

3. No caffeine – you’ll each know how you handle your caffeine through the day but it’s a sleep disturber for sure!

4. Quiet the busy mind – I’m going to be talking more about meditation practise as we go on but it’s a sure fire way to quiet the monkey mind and help your body to do its thing at bed time.

5. No Black out blinds – out of course in the West we feel like hibernating in winter but as those mornings get lighter a little earlier it’s wonderful for your body to wake with first light.

And here are my partner Claire’s top tips for a worry-free night’s sleep…

1. Yoga Nidra – I am a huge fan of Yoga nidra and if I feel unsettled before bed, worried about something the next day or wake during the night I sometimes put on a recording. Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep and it’s just the nicest thing – always sends me off.

2. Get up – because my sleeps been so disturbed for 3.5 years now with my little boy I’ve learnt when I just need to get up, move to a different room and write – I start writing all the things that are bothering me then try and sleep again after.

3. Tell myself tomorrow will be better – sometimes when you can’t sleep it feels like the absolute end of the world! It isn’t! I just know I NEED to find space the next day for Yoga, a run, less caffeine, some more slow living etc. 💜💕  You can read more about Claire’s lifestyle here. 



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