Help – I’m in crisis! Why I pre-hab so I don’t have to rehab!

I often say a good diet is ‘simple’ but not ‘easy’ and I think the same could be said about our general wellbeing.

1. Regular exercise (walking is really underestimated)
2. Decent sleep
3. Don’t take the piss with what you put in your pie-hole,
4. Enjoy some quiet time
5. Reach out to friends (or someone) when you’re struggling,
6. Make time for the things you enjoy.
7. Get outdoors (preferably in a natural setting but take what you got if you live in the city …find a tree!)

If you think I’ve missed anything or feel any of those aren’t key to your wellbeing you can let me know in the comments but my real question is….


…or at least ‘why aren’t we prioritising this stuff?’

Why do we wait for the wheels to fall off before we book a spa day…a massage…turn our phones off & pick up a book…or any of the stuff I’ve mentioned in that list????? 🤔



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